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About Jay Apparel Group - Fabric & Apparel Manufacturer in the USA

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“Our goal is to bring unsurpassed quality, style, convenience and efficiency to all types of apparel. By constantly innovating, we help top brands provide their customers with apparel that fits every moment of their lives.”
Jay Apparel Group Founder Jay R. Kapadia

Jay Apparel Group specializes in the sourcing, consulting, and development of the highest quality fabrics and apparel for the world’s most renowned brands.

Founder Jay Kapadia formerly worked as Vice President of Wovens, Fabric and Apparel at Oxford Apparel Group, where he pioneered new product development and private-label programs with clients including Macy’s, Tommy Hilfiger, Sears, Land’s End, Target, and many more. Since forming Jay Apparel Group in 2009 he has brought his expertise in developing innovative new products to a wide range of global brands.

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